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Professional tree pruning is a combination of science and art.  Itís important to know which branches to remove to keep the tree healthy and thriving.  It reduces the risk of branch failure, improves plant health, and enhances the appearance of trees and shrubs.  Thinning reduces weight on heavy limbs and helps return the tree to its natural shape.  It also ensures light and air penetration and makes the tree much more resistant to storm damage.

Branch habit training is a procedure used on young and ornamental trees to promote good structure and an attractive appearance. 
Natural Nutrition
Disease & Pest Control
Tree Removal
Protection Systems
Fruit Tree Pruning
Proper pruning
Healthy trees start with healthy soil.  But so many of the other things we do to improve our yard can actually have a negative effect on our trees.  Also, conventional chemical-based fertilizers force rapid growth which becomes hard to sustain during weather extremes.
Other Landscaping Services
Using a more natural, balanced approach - using microbes to stimulate the soil, improves the treeís root system so it is better able to take in water and nutrients and withstand harsher conditions.
I can predict and identify when pests or disease pose a threat to the health of your trees and plants.  I recommend a treatment targeted  specifically to that problem and not just some broad application.  I want to fully solve the problem while at the same time making as little impact on the surrounding environment and beneficial insects and other animals as possible.  Proper timing of any treatment is critical as different threats can appear at different times during the year.
When trees or limbs have to be removed, it needs to be done in a careful and precise manner to protect any nearby structures and landscaping. 
We make sure all the correct equipment is in place before we begin the work.  We check with utility or service providers if their equipment is nearby.  We handle all wood removal in an environmentally sound manner.   And we grind out the tree stump completely to prepare the area for future plantings.
Over time, trees can develop weak areas or storms may have caused branches and limbs to weaken.  We can install cabling to support these areas and even install bolting for areas that have begun to split.
In our region, lightning strikes cause more property damage and injuries than tornadoes.  Your home and special trees and buildings on your property are worth extra protection.  The purpose of a lightning protection system is to provide a specified path that draws the Lightning strike and directs it into the ground - leaving your home, trees and structures safe.
Fruit trees require special attention with annual training and pruning.  Properly trained and pruned trees will yield high quality fruit much earlier in their lives and live significantly longer.
Training and pruning also removes the dead, diseased, or broken limbs to open up the tree canopy to maximize light penetration. For most deciduous tree fruit, flower buds for the current season's crop are formed the previous summer. Light penetration is essential for flower bud development and optimal fruit set, flavor, and quality.
I also offer the following services for both Commercial and Residential:

Landscapes & Maintenance
Mowing and Trimming
Landscape Installations
Seasonal Flowers
Mulching and Fertilizing
Seasonal Clean-Up
Dethatching and aeration for turf & trees
Sod/soil installed
Over-seeding lawns
Proper tree pruning to protect the health of the tree
Fertilizing to preserve tree health
Diagnosing specific tree pests and diseases to eliminate and prevent
Tree and limb removal in an environmental manner
Tree cabling and bolting to prevent split trees
Lightning protection systems to safeguard trees and your home
Fruit Tree Pruning for healthier trees and more fruit
Landscaping and yard maintenance services
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