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I am Bartlesville's only ISA Certified Arborist (#SO-1123 at  My advice for the care of your trees is based on my degree in horticulture, my certification as an arborist, and my 20+ years of experience serving Oklahoma. I am a member of The Bartlesville and Regional Chambers of Commerce. 
ISA Certified Arborist
My Services:
I can predict and identify when pests or disease pose a threat to the health of your trees and plants.  I will recommend a treatment specifically targeted to that problem and not just some broad application.
Consulting Arborist
Diseases & Pest Diagnosis & Treatment
Large Removals
When trees have to be removed, due to disease, overcrowding, creating an obstruction or hazard, these circumstances could mean a threat to you or your property or a liability if it affects one of your neighbors. When a tree requires removal, my knowledge, experience and equipment play an important role in a successful and safe removal.
New home sites or greenbelt area planning
Tree/Landscape Assessment

Tree Value Appraisals

Insurance Claims

Hazard Assessments

Professional Reports

Experienced Witness Testimony in Litigation
Tree Injections, Organic Fertilizers
I take a more natural, balanced approach using microbes to stimulate the soil, improving the tree’s root system so it is better able to take in water and nutrients and withstand harsher conditions, pests & diseases.
Regular Plant Health Program
I look at the overall structure and shape of your trees, the environment, the surrounding conditions, erosion and water control, soil aeration and chemistry and the available nutrients, damaged limbs, and diseases or pests that may be impacting the health of the tree.  I then recommend a specific course of action for long-term health.
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Selective Pruning
NOT topping! Crown cleaning and thinning is the selective removal of dead, dying, diseased, crowded, rubbing, and structurally unsound branches. It will reduce the risk of branch failure, improve plant health, and enhance the appearance of trees and shrubs.
Free estimates ro fee-based extended consultations
Seasonal tree/landscape consultations
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Phone: 405-996-0411