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I can recommend the types of trees that will do best for your specific location.  Some tree varieties, although very popular, are not suited for this area.  Climate, soil conditions, other plants in the area, and nearby structures are all factors to considered.  The wrong tree in the wrong area can be a waste of your time and investment.
What trees grow best
How to keep trees healthy
I look at everything affecting your tree:  environment, surrounding conditions, erosion and water control, soil aeration, chemistry, available nutrients, storm damage, diseases or pests.  I recommend specific steps to correct problems and keep your tree healthy so that you can enjoy its natural beauty for years to come.
The healthier your trees are, the more resistant they are to pests and disease.  Prevention is less costly and less time consuming than trying to solve a problem in full force.  A healthy variety of trees makes your yard attractive to "good bugs" that attack and actually reduce populations of harmful pests. I treat the problem without affecting the beneficial insects and conditions that lead to a naturally healthy landscape.
Assistance in legal matters
Diseases & pest awareness
Tree removal
Unfortunately sometimes trees have to be removed. Dead or dying trees, storm damaged, trees that presents a hazard , or over crowding, affecting the health of other trees.  These could mean a threat to you or your property or a liability to your neighbors. When a tree requires removal, my knowledge, experience and equipment play an important role in a successful and safe removal.
When legal matters involve trees or arboriculture, you’ll require an expert evaluation to help make your case.   I can provide:
Tree/Landscape Assessment

Tree Value Appraisals

Hazard Assessments

Professional Reports

Experienced Witness Testimony in Litigation
Protecting trees during construction
One of the reasons you may choose to build in a certain location are the native trees that already exist there.  Unfortunately the construction process creates hazards for those trees.  If I inspect the property before construction begins, I can develop a plan to avoid damages and preserve the natural beauty of your trees .
Extreme weather resistance
Our region is known for its extreme weather conditions.  Soaring temperatures and drought, high, damaging winds and ice storms.  How well your trees survive will depend on the structure of the tree, its overall physical condition and a healthy root system.  I can make recommendations to help you weather the extemes.
Best types of trees for Oklahoma and the southern region
Best preventative methods for maintaining the health of your trees
Best methods for preventing pests and disease in trees
Pre-construction advice to save and protect trees
Consulting services to protect trees against extreme weather conditions
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